Geauga County Public Health Begins State-Mandated Inspections of High-Risk Septic Systems

January 10, 2024

Geauga County Public Health, beginning for Russell residents in mid-February, will institute a state-mandated Operation and Maintenance program for high-risk septic systems. Currently two types of systems are included in the program: 1) discharging, "off-lot" systems which do not have the benefit of soil treatment, and 2) Spray Irrigation systems. 

As part of the initial installation, owners of these systems signed off that they would obtain the required annual sample either through a service provider or the health department.  Unfortunately, only 8% of these homeowners actually complied and obtained annual samples. 

By completing all required sampling of these systems, the health department will be able to ensure that all systems are indeed tested, handled consistently, and hopefully reduce homeowner costs.

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