County Line Road:

October 2020...

10/8:  County Line Road is scheduled to be striped on Friday and Saturday. The crews will be starting at SR 87 and working north. If you are in the work zone, expect some delay before you can pass by them and/or over the painted area. The epoxy paint has a drying time that takes a bit longer. You may want to use a different direction to avoid the work zone.

August 2020...

8/5:  The cement stabilization process will be crossing over Fairmount heading south shortly. All residents south of Fairmount must use Dines or SR 87 until this operation passes you.

July 2020...

7/29:  Road stabilization is beginning on the north border proceeding proceeding south today. Ledgebrook and houses south will be affected tomorrow. Expect lengthy delays (one hour estimated) as they pass your section.

Crews are finishing widening south of Whisperwood. Whisperwood and north need to use Dines or Fairmount. Geauga Engineer will advise later today when SR 87 is accessible for those residents.

  No crews today. All directions are open except for north of Ledgebrook. Road hardening will begin Wednesday 7/29 north to south. When the crews are in your section, expect a lengthy delay (1 hour) while the hardener cures. The crew moves approx. 2000 feet a day. Expect Wed-Fri to be north of Fairmount then crossing over southbound the following week.

7/10:  No crews are on site this Friday through Sunday. The leveling & compaction will continue southbound on Monday. The area between Hillbrook Lane N. and Whisperwood has not been compacted. Please be cautious traveling in that area. All directions are open for the weekend. CLR remains closed north of Ledgebrook Lane.

June 2020...

6/25:  Good news! On County Line Road there is access to and from SR 87 as the section between Whisperwood and SR 87 has an initial course of asphalt installed. Please go slow and use caution navigating around the raised castings until the final asphalt course is down. The castings are marked with orange barrels.

6/20:  Trax is grinding today until noon. Flaggers will assist with getting by the machines. Fairmount and Dines are accessible. SR 87 is still closed.

6/18:  There will be a "rolling closure" on County Line Road heading south from Calley. There will be signs at Dines advising directions. Use Dines as Fairmount will not be accessible. Once the construction is past your street you will have access to Fairmount and/or Dines. Once the crew is south of Dines residents will have a delay and the crew will allow a bypass.

There is no access to SR 87 until paving is complete on Monday, June 22.

6/12:  Road pulverization will begin on Monday, June 15th and will take 3 to 4 days to complete, residents will be notified of the locations where this will be taking place as it progresses. There will be delays and closures with this process. After pulverization, roadway grading will begin on June 22, again with delays and closures.

6/7: County Line Road will be shut down just north of 13500 County Line Road near Ledgebrook Lane starting Monday, June 8th. The estimated closure time is 2.5 months. Detour signs will be posted.

Also on County Line Road, the closure at SR 87 should be opened by June 15. Use Fairmount and Dines for all traffic.

May 2020...

5/26: County Line Road will be closed at SR 87 Kinsman Road for widening. All traffic, including residents, must use Dines or Fairmount to access County Line.

April 2020...

4/20: Tuesday, April 21st, County Line Road will be closed for ditch work at SR 87 working north. Use Dines or Fairmount. Work starts at 7:30 am.

February 2020...

2/7: County Line Road will be closed starting Friday, February 21, 2020 through Wednesday, April 22, 2020. Three retaining walls are being installed on County Line Road just north of State Route 87. The preferred detour is Fairmount Rd to Caves Road. This retaining wall project is performed entirely by the Village of Hunting Valley. 

January 2020...

1/28: #2) The tree work on County Line Road is completed. The roadway is open to all traffic.  #1) County Line Road will be closed today at SR 87 due to major tree work. There will be a large crane blocking. Use Dines or Fairmount.

December 2019...

12/19: County Line Road is closed at SR 87. Please use Dines or Fairmount.
12/18: County Line is shut at SR 87 for a sewer installation. Please use Dines or Fairmount today. 

November 2019...

11/27: Paving is complete from Whisperwood to SR 87. The entire road will be open today after 4pm. Be mindful of trucks dumping stone to fill ditches today. Happy Thanksgiving!

11/26: Trax should be completing the paving today between Whisperwood and SR 87. An update will be provided if the road will be open to travel after today.

11/20: Click here to read the letter from the County Line Road Reconstruction Project Team which was mailed today to residents on and along County Line Road.

11/19: #2 There is a hard shutdown north of Ledgebrook for a culvert installation. Use Cedar or Fairmount as no thru traffic can get by.  #1 The SR 87 to Whisperwood curbs are being installed today. Concrete trucks will be blocking. Use Dines or Fairmount. Asphalt will follow.

11/9: County Line Road remains closed at SR 87 up to Whisperwood. The roadway is down to one lane and is hazardous for through traffic. Hopefully opening in two weeks.

11/4:  County Line Road will not be accessible from Whisperwood to SR 87 in either direction for the next two weeks. Access only to homes in that area. Use Dines or Fairmount.

11/2:  No access to SR 87 from County Line Rd. Whisperwood to SR 87 remains closed. Please use Dines or Fairmount.

October 2019...

10/31:  County Line Rd remains closed between Whisperwood and SR 87. The road has been milled down to one lane in this section which prevents access.

10/30:  #2) County Line Rd will remain closed overnight from Whisperwood to SR 87 due to open ditches. #1) County Line Road closed between SR 87 and Whisperwood. Use Dines or Fairmount. Road widening continuing.

10/29:  #2) County Line Road will become ONE-WAY ONLY south from Whisperwood to SR 87 starting Wednesday 10/30 for approximately 3 weeks.  There will be a hard shutdown overnight tonight due to open cuts in the road.  #1) County Line is closed between SR 87 & Whisperwood. Use Dines or Fairmount.

10/28:  There is a hard closure between Whisperwood & SR 87 today. Residents only will have access between those points.

10/24:  There is a hard shut down between SR 87 and Whisperwood until 5 pm. Access to 14990 from SR 87.

10/23:  There is a hard closure on County Line Rd south of Hillbrook Lane N for a waterline. Mather Lane will need to use Fairmount or Dines. Whisperwood needs to go to SR 87.

10/18:  #2) Use Dines Rd only. Water line break near SR 87. Fairmount Rd entrance still closed. Should be open by 5 pm. #1) There is a hard shut down just south of Fairmount Road. Use Dines or SR 87.

10/17:  County Line Road is closed north of Fairmount Road due to power lines being installed on the new poles.

10/15:  #2) County Line Rd is closed at SR 87 overnight due to an open trench across the road. "Road Closed" signs are in place. #1) Use Fairmount or Dines. County Line Rd is closed at SR 87. Sewer installation is ongoing.

10/14:  For access use Fairmount or Dines. County Line Rd is closed at SR 87. A crane is blocking the road.

10/11: #2)  County Line Road is open to traffic for the weekend. #1) For access use Fairmount or Dines. County Line Rd is closed at SR 87. A crane is blocking the road.

10/10: County Line Rd remains closed at SR 87 overnight due to an open trench. Please use Dines or Fairmount.

10/9:  #2) County Line Rd will remain closed at SR 87 overnight due to an open trench. #1) There is a hard shut down on County Line Road at SR 87. Use Dines or Fairmount for access.

10/8:  There is a hard shut down at the SR 87 intersection. Use Dines or Fairmount for access.

10/7:  County Line Road will be shut down just south of Fairmount. CEI is running electrical lines on the new poles. Please use Dines or SR 87 for access.

10/4:  There is a hard shutdown today at SR 87 & County Line Road. Use Fairmount or Dines.

September 2019...

9/30:   #3) County Line Road will remain closed overnight just south of Hillbrook Lane due to an open ditch. #2) There is now a 2nd closure just south of Fairmount Rd. Please use Dines Rd for County Line Road access to Partridge, Mather and Hillbrook Lane North. #1) Hard shutdown south of Hillbrook Lane North. Travel north only from that location. Whisperwood south only.

9/25:  Hard shut down on County Line Rd north of Fairmount Rd. No access today.

9/24:  There will be a hard closure today 500 feet north of Fairmount Road. All other areas are open in both directions.

9/19:  All directions open for traffic today.

9/18:  Two rolling closures today:  1. Between Dines & Fairmount  2. Between Fairmount & Cedar.   You may be redirected as the closures move.

9/17:  Closure between Whisperwood Dr & Hillbrook Lane N again today

9/16:  Closure between Whisperwood Dr & Hillbrook Lane N today.  No access during water line installation.

9/9:  The project is moving along well although there have been some delays involving utility work. The project is approximately 45% finished. First Energy has decided to upgrade all their poles and lines in this area. This is currently underway. Most of the culvert work is complete. The water line relocation is supposed to start on September 16th. TRAX is currently working on ditches and grading.  The goal is to get a layer of paving on the road before winter, but weather will be a main factor in that. There is a strong possibility that the project won't be completed until the spring. 

June 2019... The Reconstruction Begins!

6/14:  As of today County Line Road is closed to through traffic.  The detour begins!

6/4:  Today a letter from Gene Layne, Russell Township Road Superintendent, is being placed in mailboxes on County Line Road and all the culdesacs (Hillbroook Dr, Hillbrook Lane N, Stump Hollow Lane, Wharton Road, Calley Lane, and Ledgebrook Lane.)  It has useful information for residents.  Please note the startup date of June 10th, traffic control arrows at side streets, county project inspectors on site, and this page just for you on the Russell Township website!   Click here for the letter.

6/3/2019:  Later this week trucks will be visible on the road as Maintenance of Traffic signs get distributed.  It won't be long now before the action begins!  Start date is likely to be June 10th.