Oil & Gas Well Drilling

If you are approached by an oil drilling company asking to drill an oil or gas well on your property, become well informed before signing a lease. It is critical that the lease language protects your interests. For information on oil and gas wells, questions you should ask and lease language, you can contact the Zoning Office at 440-338-5811 and Geauga Soil & Water Conservation District at 440-834-1122.

Horizontal Fracturing/Fracking:

On January 16, 2013, the Russell Township Trustees unanimously approved a resolution opposing the expansion of oil and gas fracking within Russell Township.  Citing the fact that the sole supervisory power rests exclusively with the State of Ohio, the Russell Township Trustees expressed deep concerns for the safety and well-being of all Russell residents.  This includes safety concerns for explosions, toxic leaks into the drinking water, and risks that large overweight trucks pose to our motorists, not to mention the significant damage to our roads.  Further, the resolution is driven by the economic disparity that revenue from this industry flows only to the State, while the State has cut funding and revenue to local government, thereby creating a lose-lose situation for local residents whose roads are damaged and have to be repaired by taxes or levies requested by local governments.

Resolution 2013-04