Living in Russell

Russell Township is a community 20 miles east of the city of Cleveland. The residents of Russell enjoy excellent schools, libraries and services where young couples are starting families and where more mature couples are enjoying the peace and serenity of rolling wooded hills.

There is a history that reaches back to the first family to settle here, the Gideon Russell family in 1818. They built their home on Chillicothe Road just south of the town center. The area, known as West Woods, was renamed after the family name in 1827, and was the last township to be formed in Geauga County.The population has grown from 805 in 1870 to its current size of over 5,000 residents.

Not only is there history here, there is an eye towards the future as well. Russell Township is a community with long term plans for land usage that reflect a general desire to preserve & protect the natural environment that exists. With a preserved environment and state of the art services that include Police and an ISO Rated “5” Fire Department, Road & Zoning Departments, all of which are tax supported, residents are assured of a safe and well managed community.

Russell will be a “gem” of a place to live for many years to come.

Russell Township is a semi-rural community.  Our large lot zoning and commitment to preserving green space fosters a country living experience, while at the same time provides proximity to shopping and service needs within a short drive.

Our community enjoys wildlife preserves, equestrian paths, and hiking trails.  Our town center hosts a comprehensive recycling center, and holiday events in our historic Town Hall.

Residents enjoy protection by our Township police and fire departments, paving and snow removal by our Road Department and resident services by our Administrative and Zoning Departments. 

Most Russell school children are served by the West Geauga School District.  A small number of students attend the Chagrin Falls School District.

In all, Russell is a self reliant township offering affordable and enjoyable living opportunities complimented by open spaces, starry nights, and abundant interaction with nature.