Thank you for your interest in recycling! 


Not all glass can be recycled. Think food and beverage containers ONLY! NO glass contaminated with stones, dirt, and food waste.  NO ceramics or heat-resistant glass such as dishware, ovenware (Pyrex), candle jars and decorative items.  NO drinking glasses or mason jars.  NO mirror or window glass.  NO crystal.  NO light bulbs.  NO cathode-ray tubes (CRTs) found in some televisions and computer monitors. 


No Plastic Bags Allowed: Geauga-Trumbull Solid Waste Management District no longer accepts plastic bags in the recycling drop-off containers.  October 2018.


The Recycling Center is located at 14921 Chillicothe Road.  The Recycling Center has different containers for various recyclable materials:

plastics, metal cans, glass

newspapers, cardboard


When dropping materials off to be recycled, please be neat. If the dumpsters are full, you must return at another time with your items. Dumping or Littering may cause the closure of the recycling center.


The Township offers used motor oil recycling, from April through October, on Mondays and Fridays, from 7:30 am until 3 pm.  Used motor oil will be collected at the Road Department Garage, 15625 Chillicothe Road.  Please check in at the Road Department office.  Road Department employees will accept used motor oil and used hydraulic oil. This collection is limited to Russell Township residents and there is a limit of 5 gallons per resident.


The Geauga-Trumbull Solid Waste Management District holds Collection Events each year. The Geauga-Trumbull Seasonal Household Hazardous Waste Recycling Facility,located at 5138 Enterprise Boulevard, Warren, Ohio is open from May through early October. In temperate months, the facility is open on some Saturdays. A listing of those dates will be available in the spring of each year. Household hazardous waste such as paint, oil, anti-freeze, batteries, and propane tanks, as well as computer equipment are accepted at the seasonal facility from May through early October. If you have any questions, please call Geauga-Trumbull Solid Waste Management District at 330-675-2673 or 1-800-707-2673. Their web site address is: